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Sunday, 20 October 2019

People -v- Parliament III

Yesterday our rogue parliament had one chance to redeem itself. Whether or not you agree with Boris' deal, it was the very best that was available and leaving the EU without some sort of agreement is a damning failure of statecraft for a mature democracy. Up until now, the public perception of blame for the Brexit fiasco could be split between an intransigent Brussels and a petulant parliament. Yesterday that all changed. Now it is solely our own anti-democratic MPs who will go down in history as narcissistic zealots of the worst sort, jejune attention seekers bloated with hubris and self-righteousness, inflated with pompous self-worth and messianic delusions.

Yesterday they had one chance to redeem themselves. Had they swallowed the government motion even at this late stage, they could have won back a large part of the utter contempt in which they are held by the people of this country. The nation's relief at closure, at moving forward, would have acted to lift substantially the opprobrium covering parliament like a steaming blanket of ordure.

Instead they have condemned themselves to nemesis at the hands of the electorate, an electorate revolted and disgusted by their abuse of democracy, their abuse of the ordinary people of this nation. Letwin has no future anywhere. Business, industry, finance and the penumbral shadows of the grey men of the deep state were all behind this deal; everyone in this country with any power and influence backed this resolution. Letwin is now friendless, unless one counts the few mentally-ill ranters and painted idiots clustered on College Green. They are hardly in a position to compensate for the directorships and sinecures he will now have lost now after his constituency voters have also scorned and rejected him.

By their actions yesterday, parliament and its little bent Speaker have shown that they are not worthy even of the pretence of polite regard. The contempt shown to them by the government and Conservative benches yesterday should be repeated until they are gone. The time for the polite pretence of listening to their deluded bombast is past. Let their inanities echo around an empty chamber for another week or so, with their gurning fool Bercow squirming in the Chair. We can't be bothered with them any longer. They are nothing.


Stephen J said...
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Raedwald said...

r-w - The same rule applies - come back later, please

Stephen J said...
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Stephen J said...

Boris's "deal" is NOT leaving the EU Raedwald....

And you know it.

I am just wondering why it is that you tories, jettison all forms of intelligent thought when your precious party is threatened.

Despite his protestations, this "deal" is not leaving the EU any more than the Maybot's three attempts. The truth is that the tories are the main remain party, and if you want to leave the EU....


I cannot for the life of me understand why after the last time the idiot tories did this, we have people in that party who are going to do it all over again. Not only that but people who voted leave, think that this signing of a new EU treaty that converts us from full members with an option to invoke article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, to associate members without an exit visa. It is priceless!

At the time of Maastricht, the tories did us over, the ERG equivalent was righteous in its indignation that we were giving our country away, they would definitely vote against it. That was until Major asked them nicely, if they didn't come into line the tory's would be dust, we would get a labour governent.... blah blah blah...

That went well didn't it?

Fifteen years of blair and war.


I ask a simple question, it is for a tory to answer, since it must be derived from some rather complex logic that only a tory leaver could think up.

What part of "leaving the EU" do the tory party not understand?

JPM said...

So the brilliant, wonderful DUP aren't so rosy after all?

What poor judges of integrity you are, after all the fawning that you have hitherto lavished upon them. And I thought that you hated Johnson's Surrender Treaty 2.0 anyway?.

At least fifty million of The People probably do not share your views either.

Stephen J said...

If only we had another 640 MP's with half the integrity of the DUP?

A somewhat forlorn hope unfortunately.

DeeDee99 said...

I went to see a wonderfully acted play about Alan Turing at the Salisbury Playhouse, rather than pay any attention to the narcissists and anti-democrats in Parliament.

Brexit is going to be a 10 year process since the Establishment hasn't got the cojones to deliver a Clean Break and more importantly, doesn't want to. The anti-democrats in Parliament are simply delaying the inevitable and making the Brexit-supporting majority even more furious. Letwin doesn't dare show his face in West Dorset, where I live.

The political realignment which is currently underway is also going to be a 10 year process. Many of the arrogant narcissists in Parliament will be cleared out at the next General Election, but tribalism and FPTP will save many although I expect English and Welsh Labour to be severely weakened and on the process of going the same way it did in Scotland. Replacing Corbyn with another Marxist or the likes of Keir Starmer/Hillary Benn isn't going to save it. The Party has lost any connection with its working class roots. And that gives Nigel a marvellous opportunity which I hope he seizes.

decnine said...

When the representatives in a Representative Democracy choose to become unrepresentative, they make themselves tyrants. But don't criticise them or their hypocrisy. They are people and people are fallible. Which is why people need to work in systems which protect everyone from individual fallibility.

Westminster is not such a system. It allowed the transition from representative to tyrant and protects that betrayal and the betrayer.

Westminster is the problem. Its time is up.

Dave_G said...

Raed - you've fallen for the time-honoured EU tactic (or even home-grown political tactic) of simply wearing away the will/determination of the voter.

To accept the deal (any deal) on the basis of 'this is the best we can do' or 'we're tired of the argument, just DO something' is the actual SURRENDER the EU/.gov are looking for.

What happened to the insistence of following through on the principle of democracy? Did that end just because of frustration in the process? Did you get 'tired' of waiting for democracy to be enacted so give up for the SAKE OF THE PARTY?

If anything this result should harden our resolve to get EXACTLY what we voted for and that was to LEAVE the EU - lock. stock. barrel.

We have been and continue to be LIED to, DECEIVED and MANIPULATED and if it wasn't Brexit that was the issue then it could be something else - anything else of equal or greater import. When does your integrity kick in to say STOP?

Anyone/everyone can see we're being railroaded and the same people can see a much simpler way out - just implement DEMOCRACY the way it's supposed to happen. Give the voters what they want.

Stephen J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raedwald said...

r-w - you know my policy on dumping links here ... go and have a large one and tune in to the Archers ;)

RAC said...

@ r_writes esq. 07:55
Word for word that which you just posted X 17,400,000

JPM said...

Integrity of the DUP?

In what way do they represent their constituents, the people of Northern Ireland, who voted to remain in the European Union?

My own view is that they should do what is right, not be people's delegates, but your view for MPs generally would seem to be the opposite.

Could you please make up your mind?

Dave_G said...

This isn't Party Political - the DUP, as with all Parties, are an irrelevance. This is the will of the people being ignored by ALL Parties except, unsurprisingly, TBP - the ONLY Party that wants to enact the will of the people.

Stop making out that this is a Party Political issue. The SNP, DUP, Tories, Labour etc etc are ALL acting against the democratic process as understood by those that voted LEAVE. The twisting, re-definition, manipulation, contortion of a simple IN/OUT vote to suit THEIR needs and desires and fuck the voter.

Call a spade a spade for once JPM - this is THEM or US. You are clearly one of 'them' as are ALL the Political Parties (and until TBP do as they claim to propose I reserve judgement on them too).

Mr Ecks said...

Very tired of your shite Cheesy. NOW BREXIT WILL BE PUT ON YOU BY ANY MEANS NEEDED.

As for all you complaining about the Deal--We can get out of it once out. But it is not good.

All you have to do is give us a credible plan to best all the scum in the House of Traitors and get No Deal. You tell me how it is to be done and I will help you do it.

DO NOT SAY GE. If Treason May were still there lying(sic) face down and begging the EU to stick it up her back passage then TBP would have a good chance of winning. Johnson has brought too many Tories back to the fold. At present TBP will soak up millions of leave votes and get only a few seats.


You lads come up with a credible plan to reverse all that and get No Deal I will be with you 100%. At present all you are doing is moaning about how what SHOULD be is not what IS.

Boris could solve all his TBP problems and stop the “Treason’s Porker with lipstick” complaints by appointing Farage as the Chief of the delegation going to negotiate the FTA agreement with the EU.

Dioclese said...

It is clear to me that the parties in Parliament are all compromised and unfit for purpose.

The Labour party was rightly referred to yesterday as a Marxist party int he House by Boris. I'm surprised he got away with that one, but he is right. It is a terrorist supporting, anti-semitic shitfest reminiscent of the Nazis.

The Lib Dems have openly stated that they want a second referendum and if we have the temerity to vote Leave again then they will ignore it. So what exactly is the point of holding it in the first place? You can't be more Illiberal and Undemocratic than that.

The SNP just want a second Independence referendum ignoring the fact that they cannot remain in the EU as a separate nation as they were never in it in the first place. They don't meet the economic criteria and would be forced to adopt the Euro.

As for the Tory Party, they have a good strong leader in Boris but if he doesn't do a non aggression pact in a GE with Farage, they are finished because they will be faced with a Remain coalition. The playing field will be totally unlevel.

And this morning it was revealed that Farage was offered a peerage to get him out of the way. He refused to accept it. At least someone has some principles.

I shall be voting for the Brexit Party at the next election. Partly this is because I live in a Tory safe seat and partly because my MP is totally fucking useless. My Conservative Party membership has now lapsed, but this doesn't seem to stop them sending continual emails begging for donations. Fuck 'em. They can go whistle...

jack ketch said...

The nation's relief at closure, at moving forward,-Raed

Fortuitously on "Super Saturday" I , purposely, spent the whole day onboard a coach doing a baccy run to Belgium. During the course of the afternoon the erroneous news spread round the coach , a coach where the majority seemed to be remainers not leavers as it has been in the past, that Bojo had got his deal through Parliament by 2 whole votes. I had no reason to doubt the news as my own feeling was that it would but be a damn close run thing.

What I found interesting was that seemingly the entire coach, remainers and non-BP type leavers alike, collectively sighed with relief and said "THANK FUCK FOR THAT! Now maybe we can move on, deal with however bad the Brexiting-Bad is. " (or words to that effect). There was a unity on board the coach that truly surprised me.

Didn't return until late last night so only now got to check the headlines :(

Raedwald said...

W/B Jack

And good news that booze and baccy runs to Adinkerke will continue as normal after Brexit. Yeah, everyone just wants to get on with their lives now.

John Brown said...

There is no chance that our current Parliament is going to vote for a GE until they have voted for a second referendum between a “credible deal” and remain, having engineered a “credible deal” to be as bad a deal as they can achieve.

This has been the plan from the very beginning and they have instructed the EU to grant an extension provided we have a second referendum.

Having thought about this second referendum I have come to the conclusion that however bad is the BRINO deal they will have cooked up for the referendum I will still vote for it against remain.

Although this BRINO deal will bring about colonial status, EU membership in an ever expanding EU run by a combination of unelected and un-removable Marxist bureaucrats and QMV is itself colonial status and an even a worse one as there will be at least some powers the UK will be allowed which would not be the case if we were a full member. We could also be avoiding some of the worst future EU liabilities.

Furthermore it will be easier to fight for our eventual freedom on the international stage from outside the EU than bound inside the EU and subject to all its laws, policies, directives rules and most importantly, corruption and will make it just that bit more difficult for our MPs, civil service, judiciary and educational establishments etc. to collude with the EU to bring about our destruction as a nation.

BTW, as an Englishman who wants freedom from the EU, I am quite happy to allow the SNP to hold a Scottish independence referendum in return for their assistance in obtaining a “clean break” exit from the EU for us.

DUP said...

DUP planning to support an amendment in favour of a third EU referendum. That's how good a deal this is!

Anonymous said...

I share the view of many on here. The Tory Party royally fucked up our withdrawal from the European Union. Leave was a massive decision historically and needed a similar historic effort to get this country extricated. You either believe they did a bad job on purpose or they're just crap politicians. Who voted Leave expecting a 600 page international treaty and a shed load of cash to buy ourselves out? Any decent democrat would have said to them we'll pay what we owe you, plus a few hundred million for any inconveniences, and left as soon as possible within the 2 year period of withdrawal. Fucking transition is bollocks: we are aligned on everything the day we leave and we continue that way whilst we negotiate a trade agreement.

It's too late now, they fucked everything up and we'll be paying for their bullshit version of democracy for decades to come. I hate politicians.


SG said...

JPM said:

“At least fifty million of The People probably do not share your views either.”

Oh really?

This suggests otherwise:

jack ketch said...

And good news that booze and baccy runs to Adinkerke will continue as normal after Brexit.

*hesitant 'yeees'* Was that proclamation, by any chance, made by the same people who assured us that 'Brexit means Brexit', that we would Brexit on *insert day of choice*, that to hold EU elections would be intolerable, that No British Prime minister would ever....? I shall not hold my nicotine laden breath. Unlike, it seems, many of my fellow commentators here, I learnt long ago never to trust the assurances of any politician.

Mr Ecks said...

Not glad to see you Ketch--hopefully ciggies will finish you soon.

The rest of you are still a bunch of whiners. ZaNu isn't going to get a ref added to anything. And the Deal still has us OUT.

Oh and Radders--anyone thinking they are going back to their old lif pf eyes-open snooze is a traitor and a fucking lazy and useless fool.

We --and by WE I mean all decent supporters of Western civilisation are in a war for survival against the scum of the Left and behind them a globo elite who want feudalism --and regard the Marxist shite as a halfway house there manned by useful idiots.

From now one we must be aware and fight constantly. Not 100% all the time --unless Bruce Wayne is amongst the readers of this blog--but at least 10% of our life efforts need to be directed to the fight for freedom and sanity. We must not allow the next lot of MPs to get away with a fucking full stop out of place. We must push for the end of the Senior Civil Service. And more and more.

The Globo elite wants rid of 6 out of every 7 humans on this planet. That means most of your lines are up to be extinguished--unless we all act to stop that. See UN Agenda 21 and Macrons attempts to get the globos greenfreak bandwagon under weigh by pricing ordinary French people out of their cars.

Going back to the good old ordinary snooze? You are fucking fools if you do. The war is on already.

johnd2008 said...

I wonder if a programme of civil disobedience could be organised.No violence, just being bloody awkward to all the MPs who are intent on killing Brexit. Such things as items being delayed in the post, orders for goods and services being delayed to outright refusal to serve MPs in shops.Bookings for trains and planes being rerouted. In other words a good old fashioned boycott.