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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Saboteurs and their bent little Speaker intend to destroy democracy

Yesterday in the Commons we saw yet another unedifying and shameful exhibition of the chaos created by the bent, biased and bullying parody of a Speaker who infests the Chair and the dags, fools, malcontents, anti-democrats and illiberals who pollute our democracy. My contempt for them is unbounded. They are lower than the soles of my shoes. They share not one single redeeming quality, not one ounce or scruple of responsibility. They have betrayed the voters to whom they lied, betrayed the democracy that gave them their privileged places and betrayed the nation that suckled them.

This has gone far beyond conventional political rivalry between two factions both of which share a fundamental allegiance to a system and parliament. The Remain faction, led by their bent little Speaker, have abandoned the responsibility of democracy.

They are anathema and should be cursed and denounced throughout the land.


rapscallion said...

Intend Radders? Really. Sire, you are talking future tense here.

The truth is that they have broken our democracy, and they did it the moment they decided not to enact the legitimate democratic vote of the People.

It doesn't matter what happens now, whether we free ourselves completely or sink into the abyss of an Orwellian EU hell. The trust is completely gone, and if we ever get the chance we are going to have to re-write everything, with clearly defined roles, clear rules, and to whom one is accountable

DeeDee99 said...

It isn't just the disgraceful Speaker and a few hundred anti-democrats in the Commons though. The House of Frauds is infested with people who have sworn allegiance to and are paid by the EU.

We have lived in a Shamocracy for over four decades now, ever since Heath dragged us into the EEC/EU with no mandate and then Thatcher (may God forgive her); Major, Blair and Brown progressively removed our independence.

The simple fact is that vast majority of the Establishment does not believe in democracy and no longer serves this country. They just don't bother trying to hide it now.

JPM said...

So you want the UK's Parliament to be a mere Rubber Stamping Agency?

Isn't that what you said was wrong with the one at the European Union?

They were only elected in 2017 for goodness' sake, and you didn't manage to get your lot in because there aren't enough of you.

Get over it.

JPM said...

Dee Dee there will be well upwards of twenty million people in this country who will have sworn allegiance to the European Union when the Associate Citizenship proposal crystallises.

Plenty of leave voters will too, I'd expect, even if just to jump the queues at the airports. They have no shame or principle.

Stephen J said...

Virtually all of the problems that we are up against were created by Clegg and Cameron with their Fixed Term Parliaments act.

These are indeed small minded people, just like the current rabble who have been circling the British corpse like a bunch of hyaenas.

What we need is a bigger say, in the old days that would have been a general election, but because Clegg feared a Cameron power grab, he buggered the constitution.

In the mean time we can only sit and watch, but the reckoning will come, and hopefully it will be soon.

Whether the latest EU treaty makes it through the HOC, we should be prepared to repeal it immediately we have a genuinely conservative majority under the Brexit Party. The current government does not have a mandate for any of this, it destroyed that at its own hand.


Raedwald said...

Cheesy - your delusions are overtaking you. The EU parliament does very well in taking its orders from a few score unelected functionaries from the commission - but a few hundred rogue MPs are blocking the votes of 17.4m electors.

The collaborators and saboteurs on the opposition benches no more represent a democratic parliament than those lickspittle MEPs

That's why they refuse to allow the People's Vote that will cull them - a General Election.

Mark said...

Troll, if you have many more wet dreams like this, you'll drown!

rapscallion said...

Cheesy said that "They were only elected in 2017 for goodness' sake"

That's right. Voted for on the basis of their manifesto's that said they would respected the referendum and get us out of the EU.

On that basis, their manifesto is fraudulent, and so are they, for being elected on that manifesto and then doing all they could to prevent exit.

Sackerson said...

JPM does us a service by alerting us to the EU's subversive "Associate Citizenship" proposal.

Details and analysis here:

Span Ows said...

Interesting. Escape from paying the EU then pay for the EU yourself, not something many would go for so little benefit, 20 million? Maybe 2 million, but I doubt it.

Raedwald said...

I suspect there will be many - maybe 1m or more - who will pay a sum beyond the reach of the poor to belong to an EU membership club, as a statement of their disagreement with Brexit. It is a meaningless gesture.

How many would be happy to give up their UK citizenship for citizenship of an EU state, if this was available to UK residents? perhaps a few hundreds, possibly even more than 1,000. But an insignificant number, I'd guess.

The point being that Brexit isn't really about the EU but about displacing the establishment elite who have captured our state institutions.

Anonymous said...

JPM said @ 07:40

'Dee Dee there will be well upwards of twenty million people in this country who will have sworn allegiance to the European Union when the Associate Citizenship proposal crystallises.'

It's probably not intended but you do a splendid job reminding us just how deranged this obsession can make a person. Listen to yourself mate. Look at what you write. It isn't normal is it? This Union, it's a political construct mate - built by folk who are equally obsessed with the construction of sameness. Everything must comply with their sameness. Here's one of your heroes speaking recently:

Guy Verhofstadt

The world of tomorrow is not a world order based on nation states or countries. It is a world order that is based on empires

I want no part of it and I've no doubt whatsoever that there are millions like me who will resist your empire of sameness to the end of time. Personal liberty as a function of human expression is irrepressible.


Dioclese said...

"Stand them up against the wall
Line 'em up and shoot 'em all"

"On the tellie looking good
Smiling faces, hearts of wood"

Great lyrics. Says it all...

Anonymous said...

A world order based on empires is exactly what is described in "1984".

Brainwashing, censorship and compulsion are essential to keep the empires intact.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Just about to buy some double glazing. The salesman wants me to sign by tonight to get the manager's special. I don't have time to read the 100 page contract.

Shall I just go ahead? I've been looking at alternatives for a couple of years now.

Anonymous said...

So glad that Jacob Rees-Mogg stood up for orderly democracy by arguing against a second tabling on an unchanged item of proposed legislation.

Pog said...

Anon. Why don’t you have time to read the 100 page contract? You have three days. You can’t read even thirty pages a day ?
I’ve heard of slow readers..but...

Mr Ecks said...

CCA to set aside Benn’s turd. No need to accept the extn then. CCA to set aside FTPA and set a GE asap after Brexit on 31st .

CCA 7 days overview by House and Courts? They are the emerg–so tell them they will get oversight–after GE. New House by then and Courts will say nothing.

Close courts until GE date.

Anybody here think the British people will vote him out and Corbyn in?

Anonymous said...


Oh dear. It is one thing to read 30 pages per day. It is another thing to think critically about the terms and conditions (unless you are willing to be suckered).

Note also that the buyer will have to live with said double glazing for 20+ years or until they are replaced so this is not a trivial matter.