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Monday, 7 October 2019

Boris fighting for a democratic Britain

The illiberals and anti-democrats have had it their way for so long that they still can't accept that the will of the people, the democratic mandate, can override their wealth, power and privilege. Beaten at the ballot box, they have resorted to the millionaire's cudgel of lawfare; ejected from the leadership and membership of the Conservative party they continue to use power, influence and media to frustrate the will of the British people. A few eminent citizens are so far in the pockets of the Brussels mafia - Blair, Major and their dags - that they directly betray the interests of their own country for their corrupt ideology, their own interest. Their collaboration with those who wish us ill befouls our nation and stains our public institutions.

Macron is an énarque, isolated and shielded from the people by a wall of bureaucracy. The thick windows of the Élysée keep the enraged cries of the people, the fumes of the tear gas and the burning streets from his Lillipution nostrils, a triple line of balaclavered black-clad armed riot police keeps the people from the gates of his palace. No wonder he believes Blair and Grieve more than he does Boris - and they are promising him that they will sabotage democracy from inside the country whilst he acts to damage the UK from without. They are urging him to hold out against a deal, to pin Britain against the ropes. And they are wrong.

We are leaving. One way or another, we are leaving. We will not allow the dismemberment of the Union, not permit the EU to remain as Britain's overlord, not tolerate subjugation as a Satrap state under the heel of the unelected Brussels cabal. M. Macron had better start to believe Boris rather than Blair and the other weasels.

This week the Prime Minister embarks on a series of meetings to tell them this face-to-face. He is bolstered by a whole series of polls that show that his party has a commanding lead, that voters are turning against the illiberals in droves, that two-thirds of voters want Brexit done, now. The sabotage-delays engendered by the establishment elite, the ruling privileged class, are about as popular as a cup of cold sick with voters.

We are Leaving.

French police, exhausted from months of street combat with the Gilets Jaunes, are invited to change sides
This from Spiked - calm, rational and reasonable. Just people who believe in a Fair Go. I commend. 


JPM said...

No one is more resolutely pro-European Union that me. That is why I think that the UK should leave as soon as possible.

It is a dysfunctional, aberrant country, and its presence is damaging the most enlightened, civilised project in history.

People like me, and we are many, are now numbered amongst your sixty-five percent. However, if there were another vote, then we would vote Remain, and a win would change the premise.

So that stat is meaningless.

Mark said...

And if my uncle had tits he'd be my auntie.

So, if there was another remain/remain referendum, why would you want to pollute "the most enlightened, civilised project in history" with this dysfunctional, monkey house hell on earth?

Radders has fabricated, by demonic means no doubt, an image of the former. Fools me, but then, I've never seen a digital image before.

Stephen J said...
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Stephen J said...

Early start for Cheesy, he has to get down to join the morons that are hoping to disrupt London today.

I don't like Boris that much, but I reckon he is a lot sounder on water cannons than the maybot.

There is synergy between climate cretins and remain retards, and it is socialism by any means.

Thud said...

XR are terrorists in the making just short of a few deaths to make it onto the ignoble list of AQ etc. JPM, we stood alone before and I reckon we can do it again, you can cheer from the comfort of your smug euro paradise while we your dreams.

DeeDee99 said...

Well, there's LEAVING and there's "leaving."

Farage wants to LEAVE. Boris wants to "leave."

The EU needs to understand that if they don't allow us to "leave" under Boris on 31 October, then in the not too distant future we'll be LEAVING with Nigel having a great deal more influence over the outcome than he does at the moment.

Mark said...


That is the thing remainiacs cannot, will not understand.

The EU is involved in a war for it's very survival. A war on multiple fronts that it has already lost.

We are the least of their problems but they seem determined to make us the worst of them.

Sackerson said...

Re XR etc: I don't know if those here have seen this - a series about the corporate nexus behind Greta Thunberg (who of course will not be conscious of how she has been used for cover, like a Chinese panda) that is looking to save the rapacious version of capitalism by "greenery":

Also this:

So I suspect XR are being used in a similar way.

And the international corporate agricultural "goldrush" is being monitored by an excellent site here:

rapscallion said...

I'm not sure what you're smoking Cheesy, but another vote would see Leave win by an even bigger margin. Bear in mind that even the Independent ran a poll from 2005 onwards and the margin for leave was always greater than remain. In short this anti-EU sentiment is not a recent phenomenon.

I'd rather your physical presence no longer despoiled this fair land, being the traitor that you are. Go and live in your anti-democratic, unaccountable and corrupt oligarchy that has done so much damage in Southern Europe and continues to import 7th century barbarians; and may you enjoy their tender mercies.

John Brown said...

R_writes esq @07:34 :
“There is synergy between climate cretins and remain retards, and it is socialism by any means.”

Absolutely correct and the BBC is the main propagator of their propaganda, constantly reporting “on the findings” from organisations of which we’ve never heard.

When we leave the clutches of the EU there will inevitably be many organisations who will be finally either forced to make their EU payments public or close.

Anonymous said...

Enlightened civilised project???. Best quote ever. It's an undemocratic socialist superstate that's shown disgraceful behaviour since the Brexit vote. How jolly dare the second biggest contributor try and leave?? Let's punish them and set an example to others who might dare to copy us. Aided by millions of traitourous quislings who are trying successfully to undermine democracy.

Dave_G said...

I fail to understand how Cheesy cannot even recognise that the EU are being so stubbornly resistant to 'change' that they are prepared to bring their whole edifice down by means of their own hubris.

Cameron went to the EU to ask for 'change' and was roundly shown the door and even the vote to Leave didn't change their outlook one iota. It's not as if the UK are the only country to 'complain' about the infestation of the EU and their political aspirations - all over Europe the Nation States are questioning (even opposing) EU policies to the extent that the EU are now trying to force them (financially, natch) to toe the line. Not that it's helped - witness Italy, Greece, France, Hungary, Poland etc etc.

Please Cheesy, tell me WHY the EU are so fixated with their one-direction, no-deflection route (to hell). Do 'you' even agree that their policies and actions are best for Europe?


Jack the dog said...

I think cheesy means enlightened and civilised in the sense that Plato did, as a polity that doesn't involve consulting the scrotes like us. The EU is absolutely a Platonic construct of precisely the type Popper warned us of.

This is an idea which since June 23rd 2016 has become mainstream amongst all sorts of people, even some otherwise intelligent decent people, and one which needs fighting, hard.

The scrotes must have their say and we will be heard.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Anonymous @ 9:24

I'm not sure that the EU is 'socialist' as such but it is 'collective' and thus appeals to socialists.

Of course you have to ask who directs the 'collective'... I'd say that the financial and political liberal elites do. So it appeals to large businesses too.

What the fanboys don't realise or won't consider is that if their part of the world/society was deemed to be insufficiently collective for any reason they have no recourse, no way of changing the top bosses.

Unless you leave the EU, of course. We are better off out.

Dave_G said...

We need to ask what Cheesy expects for himself in his enthusiasm for EU rule? Is it a selfish expectation or one (he thinks) would benefit us all?

If it's for 'all' then I'd love to know what it is I'm getting for my money (either now or in the future) as I've seen nothing except expense and inconvenience, not to mention personal restrictions.

It's not even as if it's value-for-money either. The waste, profligacy and corruption is legendary and can only ever go in one direction. Maybe Cheesy is a part of it? Only those that can be seen to have fingers in the pie seem to be as adamant that the EU is beneficial for everyone (when in reality they mean 'themselves').

Many supporters of the EU are 'in on it' and especially those whose voices are heard above those of the public who don't benefit directly/indirectly.

So, who's pulling your strings Cheesy?

JPM said...

Macron is once again ahead in the polls.

Cinque Stelle's MEPs asked to join Guy Verhofstadt's group, deserting Farage's.

The Freedom Party in Austria have slumped from twenty-six to sixteen percent in the polls.

This country, in its deluded convulsions, is indeed a tonic to the European Union.

Dave_G said...

No search I make (albeit the first pages of results) show Macron being 'popular'. Yes, his ratings are up but that's the only direction you CAN go from zero.....

Five Star have been co-opted as per the rigged Italian system but won't last past their next election. The Freedom party were painted as 'too far right wing' regardless of the truth.

Your 'facts' bear little support Cheesy. How much did you get paid to post those snippets of delusion?

PS answer the previous posts please.

Anonymous said...

Cheesy is simply a troll. No need to ask it anything. Or to try and seek an explanation. It’s just baiting. As trolls do. Because?

Who knows why?

A lonely life.
Bullied at school
Trust fund and bored?
Public sector non job isn’t very fulfilling ?

Who knows?
Who even cares why someone seeks to deliberate annoy others ? Entertainment takes many forms. Some people strangle mice.
Posting inflammatory comments is pretty mild for a psychopath.

John Brown said...

From the way we’re treated by other EU nations, you wouldn’t believe they are trying to make it as hard as possible for us to leave.

So why are they so desperate to force us to remain either as a full member or as a colony ?

Firstly economic, they desperately need our money, fish, trade deficit, free health care and jobs etc..

Secondly they want to ensure we do not have the freedom to take another economic or political path to one they wish to follow, just in case it shows their policies to be authoritarian, undemocratic, corrupt and wasteful.

Everything you would expect from an empire.

And thirdly the large net donors to the EU budget realise that without our votes they will be heavily outvoted by the net recipients, made even worse as the EU expands further eastwards.

A recipe for the EU to become unstable.

SG said...

JPM said “People like me, and we are many...”.

Proper academic research on this suggests otherwise:

Note, in particular, the following key finding from the research:

“Among four possible reasons for voting Remain, ‘a strong attachment to Europe’ is ranked last by a sizable plurality of Remain voters, consistent with the claim that Britons have a relatively weak sense of European identity.”

Wrong again JPM / Cheesy

cascadian said...

here is somebody with the right idea:

Benno.....The correct process now would be for parliament to be suspended for three and a half weeks due to safety concerns. Let the remainers and ER sort it out between them.

Let the crayon writers and amateur dramatists consider their juvenile antics.

BoJo debasing himself shuttling all over EUland to achieve BRINO, just like DisMay

Stephen J said...


The reason that Doris is debasing himself, is because he IS the leader of the Tory Party, just like his predecessor, that party is a remain party.

I suspect that he is in for a big surprise come any general election.

But anyway the point is that he is trying not to leave the EU, but to force a general election in which it looks like he is an unwilling victim.

Heath tried this, and wislon won.

Marmaduke Montmorency Burton said...

Boris is only in it for the money … and perhaps another film script.